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“Change is the end result of all true learning.”

~ Leo Buscaglia

Hello, I’m Thuy Pham.

I believe that sharing what we learn helps us become more effective learners, while creating meaningful connections with others.

This place is where I explore how to improve soft skills, make better decisions and stay grounded in a fast changing world.

Let’s grow together.

Manifesto For Lifelong Learners & Change Makers

We learn by doing
We lead with integrity
We nurture our inner child
We share our lessons learned
We think for ourselves
We make changes we care about

We make time for what matters
We make time for learning

Work with me.

Here is how I can help you make an impact.

Web Presence

With an emphasis on typography, white space, and mobile-optimized design, your website will look absolutely breathtaking.

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Business Analysis

Our team will teach you the art of writing audience-focused content that will help you achieve the success you truly deserve.

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Digital Transformation

We help creative entrepreneurs build their digital business by focusing on three key elements of a successful online platform.

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